The War of 1812 

Captain James Kincaid's Company of Infantry
2nd Regiment
West Tennessee Militia

This site is dedicated to Isaiah WEBB and the Men of Tennessee who served the United States of America during the War of 1812.

This war was fought against Great Britain from 1812-1815.  There were many reasons for the war, but the main causes were economic issues caused by British arrogance and American national pride.  Naval actions were fought on the Great Lakes, and in the Atlantic and Caribean.  Infantry operations were conducted along the Canadian border, along the east coast (Maryland and Washington DC), and in the South (Florida, Alabama and most notably New Orleans, Louisiana).

The southern US forces were under the command of General Andrew Jackson of Tennessee (Old Hickory).   A few other colorful Tennesseans of note who participated in this war were Davy Crocket and Sam Houston.

Kincaid's Company began their service at Fayetteville, Tennessee, on September 1, 1814, and mustered out April 10, 1815, at Wilson Springs, Madison County, Alabama.   Isaiah WEBB served as a Private in Kincaid's Infantry Company and saw action in several skirmishes against Indians near Pensacola, Florida, in November 1814.  Isaiah stated that he served part of the time in the infantry and part of the time in the cavalry (Mounted Gunmen). He also said that he was left as a nurse on the Alabama River, about 70 miles from Mobile, Alabama, to care for others, and was then taken sick himself.  The Company muster role taken on March 27th, 1815, shows Isaiah absent and sick at Fort Montgomery, Alabama. Isaiah later earned a land grant of 160 acres and a pension of $8 per month for his service during the War of 1812, and he took his family and moved west to Pea Ridge, Benton County, Arkansas.

Isaiah also volunteered with many other Tennessee Veterans (Including General Jackson and Colonel Crocket) for service during the War of 1818, (also known as The Creek & Seminole War). Isaiah was a Private in Captain Hugh Kirk's Company of Mounted Gunman, 1st Regiment of West Tennessee Militia (Under the command of Colonel Dyer).  Isaiah again saw action against Indians in Alabama and Florida.

The following is an account of their Regimental service during the War of 1812:

Colonel Alexander LOWRY
Lt. Col. Leroy HAMMONS
Davidson, Warren, Humphreys, Lincoln, Maury, Robertson Smith, Sumner, White, and Williamson Counties in Tennessee

James Craig, Thomas Delaney, James Kincaid, John Looney, Gabriel Mastin, Asahel Rains, George Sarver, James Tubb, Thomas Wells, Joseph N. Williamson

The Regiment was part of General Nathaniel TAYLOR's brigade and was scattered throughout the Creek Indian territory in the vicinity of Mobile, Alabama. Their mission was to man the forts in the region such as Fort Jackson, Fort Montgomery, Fort Claiborne, and Fort Pierce.

Some of the companies participated in the taking of Pensacola on November 7, 1814. This bold action by Jackson was taken without the authority of the US Government in Washington, who did not want to jeporidize relations with Spain, despite the fact that the Spanish authorities in Florida were most likely supporting the British.

Col. Lowryresigned on November 20, 1814 and Lieutenant Colonel Leroy Hammons took over as regimental commander.  The regiment was plagued by disease during its tenure in the Mississippi Territory and were typically at only 50% strength.

Isaiah Webb's Muster Roll for March 27, 1815:

Isaiah Webb's Photo and GraveStone

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