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Welcome to the Garden of Thorns, residence of the blackrose.  Hope you enjoy your stay and get really really depressed,  Oh, sign the guestbook and get hell outta here if you don't like yaoi and yuri.,  'Nuf said.
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::Shades of Violet:  in Love with Shingami::
My brand new website dedicated to Duo Maxwell and his lovers.  I accept fanficion and fanart that are only YAOI.  Preferred pairings are 1x2x1 or 2x3x2 or a whole lemon meringue pie ///_^
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This site supports brother wolf and all the other wild animals that are hunted down and killed.  May Luna protect all those who fight for our animals' freedom.
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De"vi*ous (adj) - deprating from the accepted or proper way; misleading; characterized by insincerity and deceit; evasive and shifty
Not updating the site as I should cuz geoCities hates my pc and
LJ is much more easy to update.
I promise I'll give it a new look soon tho.  Hopefully.

Whatever a Toreador does, she does it with passion.  Whatever a Toreador is, she is with passion.

Song quote of the Month:
::Within Temptation - Ice Queen::

on cold wings she's coming
you better keep moving
for warmth you'll be longing
come on just feel it
don't you see it?
you better believe it

when she embraces
your heart turns to stone
she comes at night when you're all alone
and when she whispers
your blood shall run cold
you better hide before she hides you

whenever she is raging
she takes life away
haven't yous een
the ruins of our world?

last updated:  8th September 2003
Important Notice

This site shall no longer be updated.  I was considering taking it offline but its a relic of times long gone, so I decided to leave it just as it is.
Why?  Because I have changed...I mean, I'm still a goth and all that but I don't need blood bars and black roses all over the place to state what is obvious.  I am going to start wokring on a new website, more geekly oriented
I think that clicking the banner below you'll end up there...

I want to thank everyone who visited this website and who encouraged me during its making.  See ya all at my new URL!!!  *peace, love and bulletproof marshmallows*

~ the blackrose, into eternity shall bloom ~