Name: Luis
D.O.B. : August 5th 80'
Born In: Hayward, Cali (510)
Height: 5'7
Weight: 155 or so
Sex: Liked it Ever Since the First Time ;)
Can Be Found: Around Fresno/Clovis Area in Da 559!
Status: Single Lookin' to Mingle
Likes: Import Cars, Parlay's, Music, and Dem' Girlies That Make Dem' Heads Turn!
Things I Say: "And the Beat Goes On" - "Dayum" - "Okies" - "Huh? "                                 -"Who ya Pimpin' Now?" - "Whatever's Clever!" -
Things I Like to Do: Dance, Parlay, Listen to Music 24/7, And Drive Around in My Ride!
Where I Go: Out and About,  Movies, Parlays, Where ever There's a Place to Chillax'
- Hopefully I Didn't Forget Anything- and if I Did- Just Tell Me!

Eternal Craze
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Right now my page is under some serious construction- but don't worry- I'll have it up and running soon enough. I will be posting as much party info and what not  around the 559 as I can.  So please- if you're in the 559 and know about any upcoming events- by all means drop me a line or e-mail and I'll post it up in my PaRtY PaGeS section!!!    Lates for now :)