South Carolina MUD Party Pics!


Ok, Y'alls©, this is the S. Carolina MUD party pics. I donít have all of them, so forward all hate mail to Ulric. Hehehehe. Ill add more when he gets em scanned in. For right now, here's the first batch!

Achtog gets a lift from the Drunken Stryper. (Sorry for the darkness, its a disposable camera, what do you expect!?

The famed Valerian and Dravin(Although Valerian seems a bit drowsy from the booze)(And Stryper Passed out in the background)

Three words: Garic the Gangster.(Check the pic out, you will see why)

Jaspen try's for a modeling career

Mongoose, like his animal cousin, is frightened by flash's....

Party pic!(Left to Right:Mongoose, Gallor, Talbain, Head of Piotyr and hands of Garic)

Sleeping, and eating.... Donít drugs give that type of Side effect, Jaspen?

Achtog and Stryper had one to many I think...

Stryper half way passed out, and loving every moment of it.

Head of Stryper, and Gallor (stoned or just woke up, you decide)

Stryper MUD's while Gallor and Piotyr watch.

Talbain is ready to PARTY!

Piotyr also try's for a modeling career

Piotyr after a hard night of partying.

Clontar After a kick ass night of partying.


Mongoose and Talbain chillin' after a few rounds.

Stryper watches some TV whyle Mongoose fix's him some munchies.

Stryper passed out after 27 cups of Everclear Lemonaide...

Talbain chills out before the party get's started.

Visit Jaspen's Page also for more MUD party pics at:

As an Added Bonus, heres some pics from a whyle back of Mudders from around my area! On the top left picture: Left to right: Wemeth, Ulric, Piotyr, Lyrian, and Me, Clontar! (The rest you can figure out because its the same people! These are some pics of when we thought we could make music, so there some band photo's. Enjoy!

Well folks, thatís it for right now. More to come soon.... See ya at the next MUD party (hopefully with about 4 rolls of film also) Hehehe.

Cheer's Y'alls©, Clontar of the Meglivornth.