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Cudnt find what you're looking for?
Not a Problem!!
Remember Eternal Flames specialises in custom design~

Browse through the Collection to get an idea about the container,glass,design,shape,colour,aromas/fragrance.Write down any ideas you have or give a description of any kind of candle you are looking for.Then either email or call to discuss your preferences.

There is no way possible to put all the designs online.There is a good chance that there already is something made that you are looking for,IF NOT then a design can easily be created..specially for you!

While emailing, please be sure to include :
Name,address,Phone No.& the best time to contact you should the need be & as much details about your idea as possible.
so get below to have a look at the aromas, fragrances & colours currently available, and the shapes of glass containers for the Gel candles,incase u dont find what you are looking for, let me know, i'll get back to you & let you know if the same can be obtained for you.
Colours & Aromas
Glass Containers