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Eternal Gundam Wing
The Gundam Pilots
Konnichiwa! Welcome to Eternal Gundam Wing. Feel free to download any of our files/pictures, etc. Also, try to drop into our Fan Forum, or visit our Fan Works pages, we have quite a few talented authors up there just now! Alternatively, if sound files are your thing, take a peek at our collection. These pages are constantly updated, so remember and check back often! Don't forget to sign our guestbook! Ja ne, and peace be with you!
We are heroes of the past....Saviours of the future....comerades forever....guess it's time to save the world...
We are heroes of the past.......
Saviours of the future..........
Comerades forever...........
Guess it's time to save the world...........
You are listening to Just Communication, the opening theme song from Gundam Wing.