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Hello! Welcome to my Slayer's Page!! My name is Mika Lero and I am the mantainer and owner of this website. I'm baaack! For now... :P

Update:  A few pics have been added to the Shrine, the Xellos/Filia gallery, the normal pics, and the Lina/Xellos gallery is up.
*Created 9-29-00*
*Last updated 4-7-01*
Image Gallery:
Couple Images and pics from the series.
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Fan Art:
Pictures drawn by talented artists of the  Slayers.
Fan Fiction:
Slayers stories found here for all ages. Any Lemons will be marked.
Songs and Sounds:
Midis and Wavs from the Slayers Series.
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   Where I keep all the little odds and ends. Like    captured Bishonen! *hehehe*
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