September 11th Tribute

I am sorry that this page contains only a few pictures.
But I felt I needed to have some sort of a rememberance on here

I borrowed this image from Backstreet Boys Five Star Salute I truly hope you don't mind.

This image although somewhat religious, remembers the day, and shows how we will rise above, but always keep the victims in our heart and minds

This is a photo of the "Lights" tribute at the World Trade Center site. Remembering the two towers that once stood

I would also like to acknowledge, as many reports, and tributes have left out -
September 11, 2001. A day that will live on as a day of tragedy. On this day, terrorists hi-jacked our planes, and flew them into three of our buildings. Killed thousands of our citizens. They tried to ruin our nation but instead brought us together. It's just a shame it takes such a travesty to bring humanity to our streets.

This page was made as a tribute to all of those who lost their lives:

~Inside both of the Twin Towers
~Inside The Pentagon
~In the field in Pennsylvania
~All passengers on the planes
~The victims on the ground
~New York's Finest, and Bravest.