This is a place you can come to vent your anger, pain, frustrations, etc. In other words, you can come here to bitch at someone who has wronged you in some way.

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You can refer to yourself in any way you so choose, BUT!!! The full name of the butt-munch in question should not be used. Posts containing full names will be deleted, no matter how good they are.

Death threats and racial slurs will also not be tolerated; any posts containing these will be deleted. However, dirt on butthead bosses, cheating mates, eternal enemies and all around random jerks is more than welcome.

If you are posting a message, you may want to check your spelling so you won't look like the one who is dumb...

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For now, make yourself at home.  Go ahead and sign the guestbook with your rants. Or have a look around, enjoy a game or a good joke. Please remember the rules, and as always..ENJOY!
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I don't know, do you see any resembalance?
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