Bahá'í Youth Workshop

""...were fire to be touched by water it would instantly be extinguished,

whereas the Fire which Thou didst kindle can never go out..."


Welcome to the Homepage of the Eternal Flame Bahá'í Youth Workshop. Based in Phoenix, AZ, our mission is to proclaim high and low the glad Tidings of the messages shared to the world through the Bahá'í Faith. Through the performing arts, we bring the issues of racism, domestic violence, suicide, gang violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and many other topics straight to the table to offer forth concrete solutions to the problems facing the future us youth are inheriting. It has only been 150 years since Bahá'u'lláh changed the face of the world with his proclimation and his teachings that he fortold would one day envelop the whole earth. Today, the world is learning to accept the fact that women and men of all nations, races, and social backgrounds are in fact brethren of the Human Race.