Sorry that I'm taking so long-- I just want to finish up the main page. I promise that I'll open this up soon. ::pinky swear!!:: (haha.) Sorry!!!


Check out these links!:

AVRIL SUCKS!!: Sorry for the Pro-Avrils.. I'm a total Anti-Avril person. haha. But for people like me.. you should go here. It's SOOO incredibly funny.

Random Lab: It's my personal site. I haven't updated this since 10/22..  better update soon! ^^

Suzaku Seishi: It's a site for the Fushigi Yugi fans out there. :) It's an awesome site. You should go there and check it out. I wish I had the skill and time to make MY site that good.. ::sniffles::

Dragon Ball Z/GT Power: A great site for the DBZ fans out there. ^^ I love Dragon Ball Z...

Well.. have fun! ^^