...this is my peace of mind...

Paths crossing, experiencing the severity of time
Look to the sky, seeking answers- none found
Sowing for the solution endless, but harvesting no results
Step by step life stumbles on, devoid of direction
Like a tunnel with no light, a cloud without itís silver
And still it continues, why?
The eternal question, never having an answer
Salvation ever distant, but ever near
Bridges make or break, tested against the elements
A simple smile, one effortless wave- the impact
The sun rises and sets without fail,
But compassion gives it its shine
One need not be selfish with the brilliance of the sun
Only aware of its ever presence and omnipotence.
--041503 (0927 am)

ambiguous to the mind at times, 
although crystal clear to the heart
herein lies the key, the answer- 
the solution to many puzzles.
does a reader understand the author 
by glancing over his work?
do the words form a pattern 
or a riddle for one to solve?
words are written down on paper 
to be a marker for a thought
how they are taken is a sign 
of the placement of the reader's mind
a human takes what he/ she sees 
and contorts them to their heart's content
knowingly or unknowingly so- 
this is the way the world turns...
--me (01.26.03)

Raindrops fall hard on the ground,
the tears rolling down my face allow no sound.
i remember the times of sunshine and smiles,
but it seems i wasted time after all those trials.
the only question i can think of is "why?"
confused, frustrated, and lost- all i can give is a sigh.
losing interest in trying so hard
continual failure makes me feel like a f*ing retard.
but still, somehow, i'm finding some strength
for the things i have, i'm giving my thanks.
i'll keep on pushing until i get back to the top,
we'll see what life throws me to try and get me to stop.
i will make it through
trusting in friends that are true-
i will dance away the tormenting anger
and to my friends, no longer be a stranger.
... in the end- i WILL stand.
--me (021103 @ 0909am)

[.b.i.o..r.h.y.t.h.m.][.v.i.s.u.a.l..h.e.a.v.e.n.][.o.r.g.a.n.i.z.e.d..c.h.a.o.s.][.f.o.o.t.p.r.i.n.t.s.] [.v.i.e.w..f.o.o.t.p.r.i.n.t.s.]