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Ellie's Haven
Welcome to a little piece of my world. Here will be placed ideas and pictures that bring peace to my heart that I have found done by others, or that I, myself have created.  
     In the pages that follow will sometimes be articles (written by both LDS and non-LDS), graphics and artwork that touch my heart (sometimes serious, sometimes lighthearted), and excerpts from books that have given me added insights into life and how to find peace in a world that is increasingly peaceless. (Is that a word?)
     As you can plainly see, Christ is my haven and my family is my treasure when the world outside  gets too pain riddled and discouraging.  The Savior, our Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost make the good times incredible and the hard times at the least, tolerable. And that wonderful Godhead helps me reach out with strength of hope to my family when the world comes against them.
      I believe strongly what the picture above shows--when we teach our children at home, the Savior attends to us and our needs in a personal way.
     If you would like me to add your or your loved ones to my prayer list, you can
email me. If you feel uncomfortable about giving me a full name, you can give me the first name and some basic details of what the person needs prayer about. The Lord will know who it is that you are wanting me to pray for.
     If you have suggestions or questions or just simple comments about the page, please feel free to email me; but please do not send profanity, pornography or any materials that put down the faith of any religious group.. Those items  will be blocked.

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