Eternal Knights
Welcome and enjoy your stay
The Eternal Knights are dark and cold,
none other could be so daring and bold,
from amidst the shadows they grow in number,
ever in need, to satisfy a hunger,
for greif and pain, they always bring,
following it they dance and sing,
hunting the jedi with malice in heart,
destroying the thing they never could start,
never was there such a crew,
who wore smiles as they murdered you,
now you chase them to regain your pride,
but alas, they're masters, of the hide.
a burning flame of determination,
they use it to excel, for motivation,
underneath the armor, where the darkness lie,
you'll find warriors of 'justice', like you or I,
in time one of them will emerge,
awakened with power, they'll become a scourge,
the one will draw others, as their power grows,
they'll become something everyone knows,
for skill and talents,
not goodness or mercy.
so good luck! to you noble beasts,
for soon you shall join your comrades,
in a deep, deep, sleep.