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Matthew Jim Williams

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I am a sophomore studying to be a Computer Science Major at University of North Carolina at Pembroke with plans on possibly attending a trade school after graduation from college. I have been interested in computers for quite a few years. I started using them when I was around 7-8 years old and have been around computers since then. As I got older I learned more about computers and my interest in them grew. Although computers are one of my main interests they are not the only things I am interested in. My hobby is collecting Japanese Anime. I watched my first Anime when I was 12 and the difference in the animation of the drawings captivated me so I started watching more and more different movies. More then anything the stories really held my interest over time. From then on I have made watching and collecting animes my hobby. My family is a normal sized family. I am the middle child in my family with an older brother by 2 years and a younger sister by 3 years.
My father is a chiropractor who works and lives here in the town of Pembroke, my mother and father divorced about 6 years ago and she now lives in southern California and works there as a librarian, my sister lives with my mother and is just starting her first year of college and my brother is living with my father and working as a waiter in Lumberton.
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