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American Line Records is the label which presents the new work of Belzabet called Before Night Fall. The CD features 6 tracks full of darkness, but very influenced by Cradle of Filth, until the cover seems to the covers of the Dani Filth band.
The interview was answered by Sir Dacri and Alejandro Lethe.

Hail guys, how are Belzabet?

ALEJANDRO LETHE: on the moment we are creating the next LP, something new and original, we hope that people likes it. Also we are playing some shows in our country and we want that someone invites us to go to south america.

How old is the band and which is the discography?

ALEJANDRO LETHE: we got two professional recordings, "In Penumbra" with Asenath Rec and "Before Night Fall" with American Line.

How is your music?

SIR. DACRI: we clasificate our music as Surrealism Vampiria Black Metal

Do you have any musical influence?

ALEJANDRO LETHE: our influences are several, I property listen gothic, dark, doom, black.

SIR.DACRI: each Belzabet member has his own musical influences since black, Death, thrash until dark, gothic, doom, etc.

How do you see the actual escenne in the world?

ALEJANDRO LETHE: very competitive by the use of the technology (studies, promotion, presentation, instruments) then we speak of a scene very hermetical in relationship to what is economic.

Which bands of South America do you know?

ALEJANDRO LETHE: Krisium but I guess they are livin' in EUA.

SIR. DACRI: from Colombia Masacre and Southamerica Sarcofago and the old Sepultura.

Is it hard to win the acceptance of the people in Mexico with so bands there?

SIR.DACRI: Yes, our style is quite here, not like Death Metal.

ALEJANDRO LETHE: Here are Black Metal bands but we heve gone outside our estade.

Is some relationship of Satan and your music?

ALEJANDRO LETHE: on the moment the band has another concept, that's a personal thing.

SIR.DACRI: we go beyond the satanic, we passed by that way already.

What's the best story of the band?

ALEJANDRO LETHE: We played with Impaled Nazarene and we spoke with the Immortal members in a pub; there are more bau this are the best.

Thank you for your time and support, say a final commentary...

ALEJANDRO LETHE: Thank you for the support by your zine, the escenne exists by people like you and it's the best way to contribute, we hope to be there. obscurum=unconsious

SIR. DACRI: We hope that all the southamerican bands go on makin' dark music with quality to rise up the escenne in America. Belzabet em't dioxs crupt's sont altere embriox.