About Me
About Me
My name is Leslie Ann French and I am a junior at the University of Louisville.  I am a student of Anthropology and English, both of which I love because they allow us to look at the world through other peoples' perspectives.  I work as a research assistant in the Anthropology department for Dr. Julie Peteet, who concentrates on Palestine.  I also work in as a research assistant in the English department for Dr. Suzette Henke, who specializes in James Joyce and Virginia Woolf.  Under the guidance of these two wonderful mentors I have learned much and gained invaluable experience.

I was born and bred in Kentucky, which is great, despite the unfair stereotypes you have probably heard about it.  I work at an afterschool program for children from kindergarten to sixth grade, but in my spare time I love to go to the opera, ballet, musicals and plays. 

I am also a huge movie buff and a tv addict.  I love The Practice, Third Watch, Ed, The West Wing, Friends, Survivor and Days of Our Lives.  Too much tv, I know, but I already admitted that I am an addict!
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Name: Leslie Ann French
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