Sailor Jupiter Cosplay

Sailor Jupiter Cosplay

Welcome to the Cosplay section of Thunder Dome! Cosplay is a very popular art form where people dress up in costumes of their favorite anime characters as well as movie characters and superheroes/heroines. Here you will find some of the best Sailor Jupiter/Sailor Moon related Cosplay images from all over the internet. Most of the time I will try to ask the original Cosplayer for their permission before I post any pictures, but sometimes that is not always possible. If you feel I am using your Cosplay images in the wrong way please let me know and I will remove them. IF you have any Cosplay images of yourself as Sailor Jupiter or another Sailor Scout, feel free to submit them below! Enjoy!

Azama Myu from the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Live-Action TV Show

Cosplay Angel's Sailor Jupiter

An Excellent Sailor Jupiter costume from Angel at Cosplay Angel, be sure to check out her website for more of her excellent work!

Cosplay Angel

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Adella Cosplay's Sailor Jupiter

Another really good Sailor Jupiter Costume, this one is by Adella over at Adella Cosplay. She has some excellent costumes so be sure to take a look at her site!

Adella Cosplay

Giorgia Cosplay Sailor Mars and Sailor Pluto

Another great cosplay site, this is Giorgia from Giorgia Cosplay. She has an excellent Sailor Mars costume and an amazing Sailor Pluto costume as well. Be sure to check out her webpage for more of her excellent work!

Giorgia Cosplay

Other Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon Cosplay

Some other excellent cosplay costumes from around the internet. Not all Sailor Jupiter, but some excellent work none the less!

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