welcome to the land of ETERNAL SUMMER a fanlisting for ephemeral fantasia

August 2: Sorry that it's been so long. Computer has been funky. But, nethertheless, I've added new members. Lisa and Jordan. Thats it.

May 17: Though I should be getting ready for prom tonight, I took the time out of my busy schedule [cough] to finally upload all the files of this site. Now I have to wait for TheFanlistings.Org to open again. I haven't checked to see if they're up again so they may be and I not even know it. Blah.
May 5: Began building. 1 member. Added all the main parts and am now working on all the extra stuff.

A fanlisting is a site where people around the globe join together and show their love for subjects of all kings. More on fanlistings can be found at the official site: .

Ephemeral Fantasia is a RPG game made by Koonami for the PS2 game console. It was the very first RPG released for the PS2 and was the first game I bought for it as well.

It was released in Japan, by the name Reiselied and was then released in the United States under Ephemeral Fantasia. Ephemeral means 'enduring only a short time' and Fantasia means 'a musical composition. This fits very well with the story line.

The story line follows the characters on their adventures on Padula. The island of eternal summer. This is where I found the name for the fanlisting you see before you.

That being said, I say now that I do NOT own Konami, Ephemeral Fantasia, and any related material. This fanlisting is not part of the official site, and is only for enjoyment.

1: You must be a fan of Ephemeral Fantasia. This is pretty obvious.
2: You do not need to have a website, but you do need an email.
3: If you have a website, I expect a code of some kind on the site somewhere.
4: Please state your country.
5: Sites promoting or containing hatred, racisim, hentai[porn], or any other related subjects, are not allowed.
6: If your email or website changes in anyway, please email and I will fix it. I will be doing random checks and if a site is gone, I will no longer feature the link.


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Please note, that AOL users and various other internet users cannot use these forms. Please send all information to my email.

all codes are made by myself unless otherwise noted. if you wish for a size that is not given here, feel free to make one of your own (you can also send it to me and i'll post it for others) or you can ask me. i enjoy making them, if you couldn't tell.
please direct all links to http://www.oocities.org/eternalsummerfan/



we currenty have 1 member in 1 country.
1: Komadori @ www USA
2: Lisa @ www Brunei
3: Jordan @ USA

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