what the fuck is the meaning in life anyway?
Seriously.. not that I really care, but still -- I care. In a way.
Why the fuck isnt life fair? Why??
Stupid bastards are all like "chea chea! LETS GO KILL SOMEONE" then all of a sudden, you get a phone call from the cops saying your sister/brother/whoever has died. Like, omfgg you LITTLE BITCH OF A KILLER. I WILL KILL YOU.
So then you kill them, and they die.
And their secret partner in crime start to hate you. Then kill you.
Like fucking hell, it becomes a circle of death doesnt it.
=\ killing is bad anyway. Well.. I want to kill.
I like blood, but whatever.
This isnt about me liking blood, its about the meaning of life.
If their is one..
I'm not too sure.
I mean, we're all going to die anyway, so their cant be much of a meaning, eh?
Then why the hell was I born?
Ew, I dont want to be brought to life just to fucking go away again.
Whats the damn point.
Whoo hoo, to live? I DONT CAREEEE.
And why do people say "lifes too short?" wtf is wrong with you. You know anything else thats damn longer, huh??!
Ohh, you want to know what people I pity? those who are like "OMFGGG IM GOIN TO CRY COS I DONT GO OUT WITH ANYONE!!!!!!! GOD SAVE ME!!!!!"
Ew, if your that desperate, shittt I definetly would be "gross, that persons desperate"
Um yeah, so people dont be desperate. Its stupid, kthx.
Or.. well.. you can be desperate, just dont show it. ;) then I'll admire you for covering it up rofl.
But those who do find "love" how the heck do you know its love anyway?
Everyone has their own opinon on what the hell love is.
But like, someone meets someone who has the same intrests as them, and cares for them.. whatever. And all of a sudden they're like "AWWWHHH IM IN LOVEEEEE!!! LOVE IS IN ZE AIR FOR ME!!!"
Then chea chea, party party.
Nooooooooooo......... DONT PARTY YET FOOL.
Dont fucking leap in to what you think, I hate it so much when people think they love someone because they dont really think about it.
And then they get hurt.
Uhhh.... if you got hurt, more than once.. then maybe its time to like move on and love someone else, yeah?
Whoaaaa.... I've been babbling for ages.. I'm a loser.
well your a loser, and I dont like you. So ew, go away.
OMFGGGG... I totally went off topic from the beginning of this stupid thingy... ahahahahah. But holy shit, whats the best feeling in the world? I bet like 99.9% of you said love. WELL YOUR WRONG BECAUSE ITS PEEING!!! Yes. Shutup and agree. =)


Now. I'm closing this stupid thing up. I'm the coolest loser you'll meet. So, uhhh like buy me chocolate or something.

<3333 Belinda