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      Welcome to Eternity Entertainment's current web site. You can come here to find out about our new and current releases. 

      DaRohn Sercey is a 25 year old producer based in South FL. He produces Hip-Hop, R&B, & Dance. Eternity Ent. was started for artist either looking to make a demo. And those who want to  release their work indepedently. 



       As of Oct 22, 2000 we have just signed a solo hip-hop artist. The artist W.O.L.F., is expected to have his first single ready in Aug 2001.

  Sheena, is another artist with our label. And her debut album should be available Oct. 2001. This R&B album will be sung by the talented 18 year old and produced by DaRohn Sercey. Which he has promised will be well worth the wait.
            The newest addition is a R&B artist named
Rachelle. You can expect a 5 song EP to be available sometime in September.

        I am  currently seeking new talent both singers and lyricist. At this time with the amount of work I have until October. Any new artist would have to write thier own lyrics. If you would like to send in a demo CD or  tape

         I live in Fort Lauderdale so if you rap and would like to hear some available beats. Send an e-mail.
   Also this site is under heavy construction so please check back when info on Sheena and other Eternity Ent. projects are added.

all material regarding eternity ent is copyrighted. all other material is copyrighted by it's various owner(s).

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