Ethan Hawke FanPage
    "I went from being a real hotshot in my town to being a real loser. People made fun of me in school. I ended up changing schools again shortly thereafter, and then nobody knew."

- Ethan on "Explorers"

"They're the most successful bank robbers in U.S. history. And they're not famous. Why? They never killed anybody."

            - Ethan on "The Newton Boys"

"The thing that surprised me in the movie was how, in a world that's so void of emotion and people connecting to each other, relationships can have so much power."

            - Ethan on "Gattaca"

"I didn't want De Niro to think I'm a full-of-sh*t, pansy-ass weirdo actor, you know?"

            - Ethan on fear of working with Robert De Niro in "Great Expectations"
"I can sound so unbelievably pretentious."

"I probably believe
now more than I did then that anything's possible."

"The thing is, the thing is, he's just holding the guitar, but the shadow he casts is playing. Stevie Ray eternally jamming a riff. And there's a branch in the river, representing all of us."
-Ethan on a Stevie Ray Vaughan statue in a park
Ethan's Quotes
...On Movies...
   "I thought it was ridiculous how scared I was. The truth is, people will think you're a geek or a nerd. But you really can't live your life in fear of them thinking you're a geek or a nerd."

"I used to worry a lot about being taken seriously. Because when you're really young and kind of good-looking and you've had some success as an actor, you feel like such a puppet."

    "I think that all first novels are woven from the fabric of one's own life." 

"In your early twenties, you get asked to play a lot of guys who like doing panty raids."

    "Success is designed to stunt your growth."

"You have to constantly try to keep in check why it is you're doing what you're doing and not just let the inertia carry you forward."

    "The fact that I have money is a huge surprise. I was raised in a house where I was told, very often, that having money is just intrinsically wrong. Its very confusing to me."

    "You cannot promote something the way this country promotes and adores the movies without also hating them. I think in there lies a great deal of resentment."

    "I think it must be entertaining for somebody at the New York Post or the Daily News to f*ck with me. It'll be like: I went to the movies. And I mean, yeah, but me and 10,000 other people!"
...On Career...
   "It was odd to be in an audience and watch people respond to her. She looked so pretty--I'd forgotten."

-Ethan on watching Uma Thurman film "Batman and Robin" after not seeing her in awhile

"Fatherhood is really fun. Also incredibly hard and humbling.  It's the most average, common thing you can do  and it's the most exciting."
...On Family...
   "It was in the papers before it was true. 'Hey Uma, I hear we're going out.'"

   -Ethan on realtionship with Uma Thurman