Anarchy won't work
I hear it all the time
Capitalism is the way
Consumerism makes you happy

Well maybe you are happy now
But tomorrow will need another toy
This evening needs a new flavor
Next hour needs new friends

Already you are bored

There's nothing wrong with how things are
If you don't like it, then leave
Revolution is not the way
Work within the system to change it

You have kissed the ass that sits on you
And call the government your lover
While he rapes you in front of the whole world
As his inbred 3 letter family holds you down

Grin and bear it;  it just gets worse

Schools are good
We lock our children behind closed doors
And educate them
They are happy

You were trained to be happy
Wagging your tail when teacher smiles
Cowering when she hits you with a bad grade
Your own children are next

Nice doggy;  roll over

How many Taco Hell commercials
Have you watched
That could have been time better spent
Making enchiladas?