The Models Of The
   Welcome to a site that will hopefuly get you inspired to create models built from kits but with your own unqiue touches .

    I have loved Star wars since I was seven years old and have longed to build the perfect replica that rivals those at Lucas Film and ILM.

    Although I might be light years from that level I do get immense  enjoyment from creating my models and I would llike to share that with other modelling and Star Wars fans.

    I have built kits out of the box for many years and have found enjoyment out of every one. Each one I built increased my skills in the medium and allowed me to build better and better replicas. I have recently branched out into the realm of building replicas from scratch. While i doubted my skills in this field, trial and error, persistance and encouragement from a certain acquaintance of mine (yes, you christine!!), allowed me to get results that really surprised me.

    Other websites i have seen really inspired me to go to the extra effort in my modeling, so I under took this site to show modellers what you can do and have fun with your creations. If there is an unmade kit that you would like built or a scratchbuild done, leave a contact email at my guestbook and i will contact you.

    Enjoy...and may the force be with you ...always