Welcome to Ethical Cosplay!
hello, everyone. and welcome to Ethical Cosplay!

to find out some stuff about the people of our group, hilight one of the FF9 characters to see who you' re apt to click on and learn more about (sorry, feature coming soon), and click on them.

to see pics of what we did last year, click on the Boink picture in the menu (the one with the EYE). enjoy!

the official Sakura Con site
the official Anime Expo site
^____^ my personal favorite when it comes to message boards and staying connected! it's Obsessed With Anime!
it's our trip to the Sakura Con! (it's the picture link, basically) Boink!
the official Fanime Con website
__ 2002:
~ april 26-28
       Sakura Con!
       Trigun Group

~ july 6-7
       Anime Expo!
       Meryl and Millie
       survey the land

~October 4-6

__ 2003:
   ~Fanime Con?
        Anime Expo?
        Sakura Con?
FF9 Group!!
Melodies Of Life-Japanese by Emiko Shiratori

How to download:
click on it and let your program (such as Windows Media) play it, then go into your temp files (usually C:WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files) (it's best if you sort the many temp files by either Type or Last Accessed) and pull it from there! (copy and paste into different folder)
it's a link to my clan's homepage ^________^
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