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Message from the first ESA president of UMASS Boston.

Feb, 2001

There are many Ethiopians in Boston, Massachusetts. There are also many at the University of Massachusetts in Boston; but you wouldn't notice it much walking through the campus. The reason may be that not many of us know each other. We are all too busy in our lives to meet each other, know each other and help one another.

That is why forming a student organization for Ethiopians is beneficial and necessary. Knowing fellow country men and women, socializing with them, studying with them, and etc... could help us all grow individually and as a community.

The Ethiopian Student Association is what is needed to bring us together. We are in the process of making ESA at UMB a reality. PLEASE JOIN US in the efforts of starting and registering the organization with the University by emailing us at and finding out how you can help!

Please Check out our constitution.

Thank you!

Mariamawit Sileshi


Univesity of Massachusetts Boston

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