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 Muhammad Munir

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Welcome to My Page

I am Muhammad Munir and was born on January 15th. 1973. At present I am a student of SMKN 8 Makassar. This is a vocational school specializing and preparing the younger generation for the Indonesian Hospitality Industry. I had my industrial attachment training at the New Park Centra Hotel in Singapore for 6 months. This page is set up in preparation of the publishing of my industrial attachment training report.

Madame Megawati escorted by Muh. Munir


Me and Madame Megawati

The picture above is when I was serving the President of Indonesia in Palu; Central Sulawesi   June 2nd. 2000

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When I was in Palu visiting one Central Sulawesi Tourism Object in Tanjung Karang approximately 50 kms. from Palu

I got the honor to be in the Presidential Serving Team; joining the South Sulawesi Presidential Team  when I was on my 1st. grade and after my return from my overseas industrial attachment training I was appointed to be in the Presidential Serving Team in Central Sulawesi. A detailed report of my activities together with the School Council during the MTQ XIX in Palu are available at MTQ 2000


My Overseas Industrial Attachment Training has been published: click here; including all my experiences


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