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Here you can download some of my programms:

Quality rating Source code Programm description Download
PAS My first programm in Turbo Pascal 6.0. You must have a look at it !!!
It paints a picture.
PAS This is my 3D Object Editor, it's simple, but difficult to work with. You can create some objects - firstly create some points and then edit some planes (you have to connect at least three points together - visible planes : you edit in clockwise direction, invisible planes : edit them in the opposite direction...
PAS It's just a stupid PAS programm, that fluently animates an object over any graphics border. animace.zip
PAS/ASM Boot sector loader and saver. You can look at boot sectors of floppy diskettes or explore your HDD's master boot record... bootls.zip
C Some simple educating C files from a book learning C programming written by Pavel Herout. c_philez.zip
ASM An assembler procedure that writes a number in specified base on the screen... cislo.zip
PAS This simple programm can be used for simple crypting and decrypting any files. You have to specify input and output filename and then you can create coding sequence (you can choose coding instructions). This tool works like an interpreter (the commands are accepted only from command line). decall.zip
PAS This was my first game on PC I wrote in 1994 (three months after I began to learn Pascal programming). I have been inspirated by world famous game called Boulder Dash. I have played it on my old 8-bit computer. This game has now one disadvantage - it works best with a 386 DX computer, but you can download my SCON programm and slow down your PC. You can create your own caves (levels). I haven't included source code, because I don't have it (because of a HDD crash) - now I have just pieces of various sources and units...
PAS With this Dictionary Manager you can convert files from dos to unix text format or from unix to dos. It has also some other functions to create a wordlist... dm.zip
ASM Disk monitor - this TSR hooks int 13 and looks if there are any disk transfers. If your HDD reads or writes anything DMon lights Scroll lock LED on. Useful in case when your HDD LED is broken... dmon.zip
ASM General write protect TSR - Disables making changes on your HDD (I don't remember all the things that will be disabled), but you can explore the source... gwp.zip
PAS Simple PAS procedure that converts HEX number to decadic number and back. hexdec.zip
PAS 3D Cube rotation with source code...
??? PAS Some modem_io stuff, NOT written by me... modem_io.zip
PAS New RLE is my version of run-length encoding... newrle.zip
PAS This was my second PC game I wrote at the beginning of 1996. I have been inspirated again by an old 8-bit game. It has also the disadvantage that it's very fast on better computers than 486's so I recommend you downloading also SCON tool. Look at the screenshots to see the graphics...
??? PAS Pascal source to view PCX files, NOT written by me... pcxview.zip
PAS Two programms for computing permutations and variations(?) ... permavar.zip
PAS SAZKA - stupid tool for winning a million in one foolish czech hazard game... sazka.zip
PAS Few PAS programms for playing WAV files on PC-Speaker and Sound Blaster compatible cards. There'is also an Adlib note player and few other tools... scards.zip
ASM not included Speed Control tool. You can perfectly slow down your PC ! Many tunning modes, bug free TSR programm with great funcion - you can tunne speed of your CPU by enabling scroll lock and with shifts you change the speed ! Very good documentation... AND this programm takes about 76 Bytes of memory !!! scon.zip
PAS Fluent screen scrolling in PAScal - three great programms. P.S.: With my new graphics card it doesn't work. scroll.zip
PAS This programm I wrote at high school will find out the day name (Monday, Tuesday, ...). You just types the date and get the results... P.S.: Pondeli = Monday ! skola.zip
PAS Some CRT, Math and VGA Pascal units with demo programms... somepas.zip
PAS A XMS test tool... testxms.zip
PAS Texture mapping is very easy, just few algorithms and you're done... The textures I used are stolen from DOOM I.
ASM not included This simple TSR duplicates created, copied, moved ... files to specified directory. Useful sometimes... ti.zip

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