CFA Cattery of Excellence and TICA Outstanding Cattery

   As far back as I can remember we've always had one or more cats as part of our family.
In the '60s we raised Siamese for a few years, but our growing family needed more time
than we could devote to both sets of babies.  In the early '80s, we adopted a feral Maine
Coon kitten on Cape Cod.  We loved him so much we started Skimble Cattery in the early
'90s with our first pedigreed Maine Coon.

     Skimble Cattery specializes in red classic tabbies, but occasionally also has creams,
browns, brown patches, blues (all with and without white) and sometimes whites.  All
our cats are part of our family and we happily share our home with them with great love. 
We have a small, closed cattery, do not use cages and cigarettes are not allowed.  Skimble
is located 1/2 hour north of New York City, in White Plains, NY.  We have an ongoing
waiting list for our kittens,  but are always delighted to add names of prospective adoptees. 
Since we like to meet and know the people who will adopt our babies, we do not ship our
cats.  Our contract states that our cats will not go outside and will not be de-clawed. 

     We're available for information and assistance with any questions you might have
about our kittens.  Adopted Skimble cats live in wonderful homes all over the United
States.  We always love to receive photos and up-dates on all our babies.

      If you have comments, questions, or suggestions
                  E-mail us at:  Fishercats@aol.com
                               or write us:
                    Elva Fisher       PO Box 121
                     White Plains, NY    10604