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What's Happening In Eureka
Eureka Specific News & Events
 Easter Egg Hunt Contest - April 1-30
Egg Hunt image

Eureka CL's are at it again, this time we bring you our fabulous Easter Egg Hunt. We have created beautiful Fabergé type eggs, each has a monetary value. Not only do we challenge you to find these eggs, but to gather the most expensive collection. The eggs will be quite visible on the page, each is about 200 x 300 in size so keeping them hidden means looking for the toughest hiding spots throughout our pages.

 Executive Club Award

Our Executive Club Award is our way of recognizing outstanding small and home-based business pages. If you have put together a wonderful page on your business, we would like to award you for the effort put into your presentation.

Eureka believes that all small and home-based businesses need to have at least a homepage that acts like your online brochure. Since many such ventures get their start here, we want to encourage you to success.

The Spirit Of Eureka

Eureka is the home of small and home-based businesses and strives to help you achieve your very best presentation.

We offer our experience in taking small business online, and offer support to others that want to achieve success online for their ventures. We can advise you on new tools and techniques, and point you to useful resources you'll need to know about as you develop your page and skills.

If you have a small business we invite you to join our business area and benefit from the years of experience our volunteers have to offer. If you already have a business page, but it's in another topic area of Yahoo!GeoCities, you might not be getting the traffic you deserve.

 Eureka Today FREE Banner Exchange

Exclusive! As you read through our newsletter you will notice we run our own banners, we accept banners for pages that have business, finance, investment content. Banners can be in JPG or GIF format, and can be animated and use transparency, and can be any size but we prefer you keep your files size under 25K to increase loading speed.

If you would like to advertise your page through our banner program, click on the banner bar below to add your banner to the list. Need a banner created? On the banner membership form there is a box that can be checked that will let us know you need to have a banner created for you... isn't that easy?!

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 Getting The Most Out Of Eureka

When you post your page in Eureka you have all the best support and resources for your business home page.  We show you how to succeed with a non-commercial page and still follow guidelines, we have several resource and tutorial pages that will help you as you move from novice to master.  Eureka Central Office will keep you informed of active CL's, areas of interest and importance, and contests or events happening specifically in Eureka.  This Newsletter is updated monthly to keep current and offer the latest events or news that affect Eureka's members.

By participating in our awards and contests you get your page listed in our results to help encourage additional traffic.  While these seem like unlikely ways to improve page traffic, often announcements of this nature do result in attracting new viewers.  Using our banner exchange program you have the opportunity to create or have created for you an attractive banner that will draw even more attention to your page. In taking advantage of our programs you will gain recognition and traffic, which is the whole purpose these were created.

Building Up Business From Your Page

Getting a non-commercial home page to work for your business requires a bit of thought and by making your presentation more of an online brochure than your sales floor.  Many successful businesses have grown from our pages, and they were all within guidelines.  These pages are not suitable for e-commerce, and for such a venture you really should have your own server, there are several places that offer hosted server space for a nominal monthly fee.

By good use of color and images you can easily make your product appealling without actually showing price or requesting viewers contact you for more information. If your pages is effectively presented, viewers will automatically react by contacting you.  Make use of slide shows, audio snippets, and interactive page gadgets. Keep navigation intuitive and flowing through your pages, compress images for faster loading, and code for all browser types.

Bits & Bytes
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Comical Caption Contest

The Comical Caption Contest will not be run this month so the past winners can be compiled and the caption pages recreated. Watch for the all new Comical Caption Contest coming in our May Issue.

Newsletter Revisions

This newsletter has been revised to reach a broader audience. It now supports most popular browsers and versions, graphics have been substantially reduced for speed, we no longer use frames and pop-up windows.  NEW! Now you can subscribe to updates and will be advised each time the page is revised.