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Thanks for your interest in the Eureka Community Leaders Program!  The Eureka CLs are a team made up of homesteaders, just like you, who volunteer their time for various activities, such as assisting fellow Eureka neighbors create great sites and participating with a selection of fun committees.  We're excited that you want to help us in keeping Geocities and Eureka a great place to 'live.'

Before you get started upon this odyssey, there are a few things you should check on your site.

It's important that your site meets these guidelines:

Once you're confident your site is up to par, check out the Requirements and Benefits for a great reference of what will be expected of you and what you can expect as a CL. The timeline for this process is listed there as well.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Just before the start of the new year, Yahoo, Inc. broke all ties with the GeoCities Community Leaders.  Because they no longer sanction our work, they also no longer offer any benefits or rewards for volunteering.

Feel free to ask some Current Eureka Community Leaders about their rewarding experiences.

We hope you are as excited about becoming a Eureka Community Leader as we are!

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