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****** All new awards coming soon! ******

To receive the Eureka Star Award:

  1. The recipient must be a Eureka Citizen.
  2. The recipient reported an illegal site or alerted a Community Leader of an offensive site.
  3. The recipient has a Eureka page.
Eureka Star Award

To receive the Eureka Honor Award:
  1. The recipient has done something outstanding.
  2. Is a GeoCitizen
  3. Has an outstanding GeoCities page.
Eureka Honor Award

To receive The Outstanding Community Leader Award

Eureka Outstanding CL Award GeoCities Outstanding CL Award
  1. Devotes more than their share of time to projects and/or committees
  2. Goes out of their way to help homesteaders and/or other CL's
  3. Has shown superior abilities in helping GeoCitizens and assisting other Community Leaders.
  4. Is friendly and sincere.

Just fill out the form below and we will get back to you in a few days:

Which Award:  Eureka Star Award
Eureka Honor Award
Eureka CL Award
GeoCities CL Award
Your Name: 
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Candidate's Name: 
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Candidate's URL:

Are you or candidate under 13?Yes, I am under 13
Yes, candidate is under 13
No, neither is under 13
If yes, please provide the applicable parent/guardian email address above

Give a brief description of the reason you think this person should receive the award: 

Recipients of Star/Honor Awards to Date:

Molly Ulman:
Wallace Gorrell:
Lora's Worlds:

Recipients of the Community Leader Awards:


Eureka's Leadership Excellence Award for Liaisons
Eureka Liaison Leadership Excellence Award
  • Misty:
  • Jim:

  • Eureka's Executive Club Award

    Looking for an award for your Eureka site?
    Know someone with an outstanding Eureka site?
    Check out Eureka's new Executive Club Award!
    Eureka's Executive Club Awards

    Information collected from entries for these awards will be used by the Eureka GeoCitizen Award Committee solely for the purposes of conducting this contest, awarding prizes, and posting the winners of those prizes.  CHILDREN UNDER 13 - YOU MUST ENTER YOUR PARENT'S E-MAIL AND OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION IN ORDER TO ENTER THIS CONTEST.  This contest is sponsored solely by the Eureka Community Leaders. GeoCities is not a sponsor of this contest and is not involved with the administration of the contest or the awarding of prizes pursuant to the contest rules listed here.  If you have any questions, please contact the GeoCitizen Award Committee

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