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"Yeah, well, wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one builds up first!"
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       Well, as you can see by the lack of upgrades, there has been little or no new Crusader information. It's been slow. There's just rumors of Crusader: Online. They may have stopped production of the games (Not sure about this one. I recived this via E-mail. Anyone confirm?) I finally got the patches and some other music files up and running, like many of you have asked for. I also put up a little Message From the Editor. One quick thought, if you like Pokemon, don't read it. It's the battle of "Ash".

    - Dan -

Crusader Content (It's cheesy. Any better ideas?)

News - Latest news

Cheats - What page wouldn't have these?

Downloads - Patches, Music Files, Get the CD rom working in DOS mode. It's all here

Message Board - Post and reply to Crusader messages

Message from the Editor - My little corner to rant.

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