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I am retired from FAA after 40+ years as an electronics technician and Proficiency Development Specialist (Training Manager). I am doing some consultations and one on one training on hardware and software.

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    Biographical Information

    Federal Aviation Administration
    Proficiency Development Specialist, and Electronic Technician I retired December 31, 1994

    I gave Certification Exams, administered training, wrote lesson plans for newly developed software and the went in the field and taught it. I acquired and scheduled all training for the Tampa Sector(which included Orlando, Melbourne, Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Ft. Myers Ft. Lonsome and Patrick AFB.) I maintained all training records for all managers, supervisors engineers, technicians, logistics, program support specialists, secretaries, etc.

    I have been doing consulting work for individuals and companies, on hardware and software problems

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    Personal Interests

    Bass Fishing
    This is a lifelong hobby, can't seem to give it up....
    I always wanted to try this, used to watch the men in Sears cutting wood.....
    During my career as an electronics technician the computer field just was a part of the job...
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    Check This out!! The Fifty's
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    (813) 909-0063

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