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Kareem Abul Hamd is a teenager who just joined theCYBER EXPLORERS CLUB. He is an 8th grade young man in Choueifat School in Abu Dhabi.Also he is a licensed OPEN WATER DIVER. He is very interested in Computer Games. Kareem has a home page if you want to visit him,please Click Here I hope he will be able to supply us with some good sites that are usefull and interesting for all teenager Club members.

Basem H.M.Helmy

Basem is another new member of our club, he is 10 years of age and a fifth grade student in the British Academy- Hafr El Baten school, Giza- Egypt.Basem has several hobbies, football ( goal keeper position ) is one of them , he is an active member at the 6th of October club. Art is one of his main intersts, holds several prizes in paniting and drawing. Other intersts are car models, and computer games, he wishs to be the first Egyptian Astronut. Basem speaks 3 languages ( Arabic , English and French ).

Kareem & Mostafa Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

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