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"Vesta - Web Site Story" is a my home business where I design and build sites for the private sector, as well as for the commercial one. I learned and develop my HTML skills by my self, And all of my web pages are made without editors. I do all of my HTML freehand.
Among other I design:
  • Families site, Memorial sites for those who lost their dear and love ones, Family Genealogy: on CD's, Video, or the computer. and on the Internet. Restoration of old photos to CD's, new photos, or Video.

  • Students who want to promote their work, Persons who want to promote an Idea, And many more.

  • Multimedia Presentation on a computer or on CD's and Games including original music, Narrating, animation, video and more.

  • Translate games, shareware, software and utilities to Hebrew.

  • If you would like to know more about Vesta, and how I can make your web-site more useful, visually entertaining, appropriate, and profitable, Then you are welcome to visit my Works.

  • Finally, if you are interested to see sites which I have personally designed and built, you are more than welcome to visit them.

  • If you are interested in my qualifications, then you can visit my "Résumé" page.

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