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July 9th, 1999

Welcome to Race Center
Good news!! Upon reconsideration of FrostWorks Unlimited, we have decided to redesign the Race Center and give it the new look of FrostWork's key sites!! This is also thanks to many user's support for the Race Center!

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The FW2k service has been discontinued!

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Race Center ARENA!!
Stop here for our cool car museum! Will be updated soon!

  ThePassion Showroom
The newest section of The ARENA!

VW Bus Showroom!
The most wanted cars since the Redlines! Part of The Arena!

HotWheels Hats
Hats off to HotWheels with these brand new caps!

HotWheels Keychains
Stylish and useful! Check out our full color pics.

Check out all the new HotWheels ProRacing Nascars!

The Race Center Bill Board
Sign our book with your rumors, finds, and your classified ads!

HotWheels Poem
A long poem collecting from REC.TOYS.CARS newsgroup.

FrostWorks 2000
Become a member and control the Race Center!

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