A NY Flavor: old school music, house music, freestyle music, techno, bootie bass music, mixed music, music mixes, dj mixes
A N.Y. Flavor
A mad fellow
old school music, house music, latin house music, freestyle music, techno, bootie bass music, mixed music, music mixes, dj mixes

What your about to hear are mixes that have been derived from my local radio station (in South Florida so I'm not going to take credit for the bootie beats or the jamaican beats), my personal stash (from NY), and mp3's from around the net.

Take a listen, ENJOY, and let me know what you think.

With your feedback I can offer more in the way of tapes, CD's, and who knows what else.

Choose your Poison and let it take effect
Latin House
FireHot FireHotFireHotFire
Jamaican Rhythm
Blue Orb Blue Orb
Bootie Base Jam
StarStar Star StarNEW
Old School FreeStyle
The Bomb The Bomb
Break Beats

Zerep Productions volume 2 CD Zerep Productions volume 3 CD Zerep Productions volume 4 CD
Zerep Production Mix

These are Real Audio files.

If you do not have Real Audio for the RA files, just click on Real Audio an it'll take you there. Your going to need it for most of this site. The full length mixes are MP3's.

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it's just a matter of time before I start making new mixes. Putting together my equipment and downloading mad music to start my new stuff. Even have a new site that I'm putting together, ZEREP.NET. Switching some of the mixes over to mp3's, so enjoy.

Don't forget the comments or feedback. I'm always interested in what my audience has to say :-).


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