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Chatty Cathy

Chatty Cathy is a "Baby Boomer" doll who was first produced in 1959 and re-issued as a Classic Collectors doll in 1998. She, and the entire Chatty Cathy family of dolls, stands for youth and innocence and are ALL treasures in my life. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy having the dolls in my collection. Chatty Baby is my all time FAVORITE doll in the Chatty family!

Here is my whole Chatty family!

Here is my creme-de-la-creme. A Canadian soft faced Chatty
Cathy with auburn pigtails.
Next to her is a soft faced Canadian
Brunette piggy

that Barb (Thechatrbox) is the proud owner of! Both wearing original dresses.

Here are two very pretty gals..Two Canadian Piggies! A blonde pigtail with a darling face
and a red headed piggy that is breathtaking in her original
pink party dress".

Here are both my My wonderful Black Chatty Babies! The Baby is a Canadian gal with BROWN PINWHEEL eyes.
The Tiny is American and wearing

A NEW GAL!This precious Canadian Chatty Baby has blue glassene eyes.
My very first Chatty Baby with GLASSENE eyes. All my others have pinwheel.
"I just LOVE Chatty Baby!"".

Just look at this wonderful Canadian Chatty Cathy! She has DECAL eyes and is wearing

The blue and white party dress with shoes made by TOTSY for her

This is my soft faced blonde pigtail Chatty Cathy
She is wearing the 1997 Chatty Cathy Club/Luncheon dress. It is called "
Chatty Locks"

This is a soft-face, BRUNETTE pigtail..American Chatty Cathy! She has decal eyes and is wearing
a SPECIALLY, made for me, blue re-production of 'Sunday Visit'.
This lovely outfit was made by my dear friend Beth Gunther. I LOVE IT!

These babies are all wearing hard to find outfits called, 'Play Mate', 'Dashin Dots'and the 'Kitten romper'. The Kitty romper is an embroidered Canadian version that is tagged "Dee Cee Canada".

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