The Suehiro Family Photo Album
Connie and Hannah
After Hannah had a good meal, she fell right to sleep. After all, it WAS just about bedtime anyway! This was back in May when I used to nurse Hannah to sleep in the evenings and later realized that if I didn't change that practice, that she'd continue to do that as she got older and would rely on falling asleep by nursing. She looks so content here, don't ya think?
Exersaucer Baby
YOU think this is a pose, don't you? Well, it's quite a natural picture of Hannah. She just loves to explore wherever she is, and the exersaucer that we borrowed from our friends is no exception. Just the other day, when I took Hannah to the Prosser Piano and Organ store, she wanted to crawl around on the foot pedals of a big organ. I didn't want her to, but then the salesman said it was okay. He said she wouldn't hurt anything. So, I let her play under there, and THEN, he told me it was a $40,000 organ! Needless to say, I didn't let her explore under there anymore. I don't really want to buy a $40,000 organ! But I AM in the market for a piano...
Going For A Ride...
This is something we do all the time! When Steven was here visiting in May, I took advantage of it and had him take a picture of me and Hannah with her on my shoulders. She has a fun time riding up there, as you can see. Whenever she is up on my shoulders, I walk past a mirror or two so she can smile at herself. One time, I even walked six blocks up to the store with her up there, and it was sure a whole lot faster than using the stroller. (But it was heavier little 21+ pounder!)
Hannah with our neighbor Marlene
Marlene is a special friend of mine and Hannah's. She used to live in the fourplex next door to us in Spanaway before she moved to be closer to family in Spokane. She saw many of Hannah's "firsts" and always enjoyed teasing Hannah about her "skinny" little legs. I hope you get to see this picture, Marlene!
Thank you for your friendship!
Uncle Steven and Hannah
Steven and Hannah hit it off right from the start when he came over to visit us for a few days in Spanaway. He really has a way with kids, you know? He says he can't wait for us to come and move to Zillah so he can come over every day to visit with Hannah.
April 1999 - The Suehiro Family
We had so much fun getting this professional photo taken. We signed up for an appointment to get it taken for the church directory and went into the studio set up in a classroom in the church. The photographer tried and tried to get Hannah to smile read big. He kept waving little toys in front of her, but she just kept giving him strange looks, trying to figure out what he was doing. Then, I told the photographer that we get her to laugh by playing peek-a-boo with her! So, the photographer started playing peek-a-boo from behind his camera. Well, you guessed it, Hannah still did not laugh, but Mike and I sure got a kick out of him playing peek-a-boo! WE laughed SO hard and he finally got this picture. It's fun to know the "behind-the-scenes" action from a photoshoot, isn't it? What a hoot!
Professional One Year Old Birthday Portraits of Hannah taken at JC Penneys.
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