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About Graciela Giordano:

Graciela Giordano, Translator
Translation pairs:  English, French, Italian and Portuguese into Spanish
Member of American Translators Association (ATA), NCTA, and NCATA
Experience in Canada since 1990

Excellence in Academic Achievement:
General GPA (average marks) for B.A.:  4.23 (out of 4.30)
Named Faculty of Arts and Science Scholar at Concordia University (2000)
Included in Dean's List (2000)


  • Work History
  • Education
  • Other Studies
  • Knowledge of Languages
  • Electronic Tools
  • Additional Information
  • Colaboration and revising for technical translation
  • References
  • Contact Information



    Work History:

    1997 to date:

    Freelance translator:
    Chiefly: English and French into Spanish
    Also: Italian and Portuguese into Spanish

    International agent for Callback services
    WorldAccess and ClearWorld (headquarters in USA), Montreal, Canada


    Spanish/English/French translator and administrative assistant
    SG International Inc., Montreal, Canada

    1994-1995 (3-month stage):

    Trilingual secretary
    Innotech Aviation, Montreal, Canada


    Trilingual secretary and receptionist
    Berlitz School of Languages, Montreal, Canada


    Freelance Teacher of English / English-Spanish Translator
    Buenos Aires, Argentina


    Present (in progress):

    B.A.  (90 credits) - Major: Spanish Literature - Others: Italian, French
    Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

    Certificate in Translation, French-English plus Spanish (30 credits)
    McGill University, Montreal, Canada


    Certificate in Business-oriented Computer Science (30 credits)
    University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada


    Certificate in Office Automation
    ERS Youth Development Corporation, Montreal, Canada


    Translation / Education Spanish-English
    Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado en Lenguas Vivas "Juan Ramón Fernández", Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Other Studies:


    International Business English, 3-credit course
    Windows Electronic Tools (Outils informatiques sur Windows), 3-credit course
    University of Quebec, Canada


    Information Technology in Education (Technologies informatiques et éducation) 3-credit course
    University of Quebec, Canada


    SEL - Test of Proficiency in Written French
    University of Quebec, Canada


    T.O.E.F.L. (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
    Montreal, Canada


    Self-study Course in Written French
    University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada


    French as Mother Tongue
    Quebec Ministry of Education, Montreal, Canada


    French as Second Language
    CECM, Montreal, Canada

    Knowledge of Languages:
    Spanish: mother tongue
    English: excellent working knowledge 
    French: excellent working knowledge 
    Italian: very good working knowledge 
    Portuguese: basic knowledge 

    Electronic Tools:
    Software:  WordPerfect 8.1 / 6.0, Word 97, Excel 97, Access 97, Powerpoint 97, Lotus 1-2-3 r.5, Windows 98 /95 / 3.1, DOS, WinZip, Pkzip, FTP, E-mail, HTML, Turbo Pascal 
    Spell Checker + Thesaurus + Grammar Checker in Spanish, English, French, Italian, and Portuguese 
    Hardware: Main PC: Pentium Celeron 500 MHz, 64 Mb RAM, HD 13 Gb, multimedia, CD-ROM 32x, CD-Write, modem 56 Kbps. Back-up PC: Pentium 133 MHz, 48 Mb RAM, HD 1.6 Gb, multimedia, CD-ROM 8X, modem 28.8 Kbps - Color scanner, laser printer - Laptop: 200 MHz, 48 Mb RAM, HD 2 Gb, multimedia, CD-ROM 20X, modem 56 Kbps 


    Additional Information:
    Areas of specialization: International trade, certificates, affidavits, technical, tourism, manuals, handbooks, international organisations, business, correspondence, information brochures, software/hardware, web pages 
    Modes of delivery: Fax, e-mail, FTP, courier services 
    Qualities: Professional, fast, experienced, reliable, responsible, resourceful, honest  - I adhere to the ATA's Code of Professional Conduct 
    Dictionaries: Extensive glossaries and specialized dictionaries 

    For Technical Translation, Colaboration and Revising is Provided by:

    Luis Giordano, PhD in Physics
    1993-98  Ph.D. in Physics, Applied Superconductivity and Magnetometry, University of Zaragoza, Spain
    1985-86 Master Thesis, Applied Magnetism and Magnetometry, Bariloche Atomic Center, Argentina
    1979-86  B.Sc. and M.Sc., Physics and Mathematics, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
    1976-78 Electronics Expert, Analog and Digital Electronics, G.M.N. Savio I.S.E., Buenos Aires, Argentina

    For text revision:  I work in close contact with several experienced translators, whether for legal, technical, medical, or any other type of texts.


    Liaison Multilingual Services, Englewood, CO, USA - Contact:  Ms Suzanne Robinson
    SG International, Montreal, QC, Canada - Contact: Mr Paul Gagnon
    Adéquat Services Linguistiques, Montreal, QC, Canada - Contact: Mr Serge Beauregard
       --More references available on demand--

    Contact Information:

    Graciela Giordano
    4732 Guénette, Chomedey
    Laval (Québec) H7T 2V1, Canada

    Telephone/fax:  1-450-978-1086
    Cellular/messages:  1-514-808-8156
    E-mail:   graciela@aei.ca
    ICQ:  5100203

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