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Photo: Adigrat, Ethiopia (12/98): It is not for a lack of criminal intent, but rather thanks to the incompetence of the Eritrean Air Force that Simret is still alive today. She stands at the lip of an Eritrean bomb crater. The Addis pharmaceuticals factory (the intended target) can be seen in the background. Click on the photo for more...
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Map and article about the
initial Eritrean invasion.

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Map from 1903 Proves Ethiopia's Case
Journal of the African Society
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Ethiopia-Eritrea Conflict)

The US-Rwanda Peace Plan
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Badime in 1994
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More Pictures:
Ethiopian Tank Crews at the Zalanbessa Front (12/98)
(a) ; (b) ; (c) ; (Playing Checkers)
A column of Ethiopian troops prepares to join the front (Reuters)
Ethiopian Villagers Cheer Militia Headed to the Front (BBC)

Dejazmatch Balcha
an Ethiopian hero at the Battle of Adwa, 1896 [Ethiopian Victory over Italy]

Video images from Operation Sunset
Links to ETV: http://www.telecom.net.et/sunset.htm

Part 6: Tuesday, Feb 23
Advancing into forward positions... Counteroffensive begins with night-time artillery barrage... Artillery bombardment continues into daylight... Three-pronged attack on Eritrean Mereb-Setit line... Tanks and infantry execute swift attack at 6:45 AM... First objective captured by 7:30 AM...

Part 7:
Ethiopian Air Force provides ground support... Tank and artillery barrages...

Part 8:
Intense small arms fire... Commanders direct the battle...

Part 9
Ethiopian troops and tanks advance across Eritrean trenches (Guemhalo)... Eritrean POWs herded to the rear... A burning Eritrean Mig-29 falls out of the sky... Mereb-Setit line collapses as remaining objectives (Dembe Megul and Hadish Adi) are captured... Ethiopian troops prepare all night for expected counterattack...

Part 10 (Wed Feb 24/ Thurs Feb 25)
Waves of Eritrean counterattacks smashed... Dust and fires obscure battlefield as artillery pounds Eritrean attackers... Eritrean forces begin retreating in disarray...

Part 11 (Friday Feb 26)
Ethiopian forces advance into Badime... Civilians welcome Ethiopian soldiers... Ethiopian flag raised...

Quote: Organization of African Unity (OAU); August 1, 1998

"With regard to the authority which was administering Badime [Badme] before 12 May 1998 and on the basis of the information at our disposal, we have reached the conclusion that Badime [Badme] town and its environs were administered by the Ethiopian authorities before 12 May 1998. This conclusion obviously does not prejudge the final status of that area which will be determined at the end of the delimitation and demarcation process."

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