Analysis and Commentary on the Conflict Between Eritrea and Ethiopia

Reuters, June 28 (Matt. Bigg): "Eritrea made the first incursion into Ethiopian territory on May 6, following it up six days later, diplomats say. Asked why the conflict started the diplomat said: ``I think there has been a miscalculation on the part of Isayas (Afewerki), a total lack of realisation of what is going on in Ethiopia.''"

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Essays; Analysis
The Students of Adigrat - Whatever it Takes
Jan 23, 1999

The Story of Addis Tesfa
Jan 29, 1999

The Eritrea -Yemen Arbitration: How Eritrea Lost the Hanish Islands and the Implications for Final Settlement of the Ethiopia-Eritrea Border
Nov. 15, 1998

UN Security Council confirms support for OAU Peace Plan: Describes OAU Peace Proposals as "fair and balanced"
UN; Nov. 13, 1998

Arms pour in for border war
(BBC; Feb 16, 1999)

Ethiopia:Eritrea - Brothers at War
(Africa Confidential; Sep 11, 1998)

Eritrea and Ethiopia Slug It Out
(Economist; Sep 19-25, 1998)

Observations from a Traveler to Ethiopia
(J. Weintraub; August 7, 1998)

Humanitarian Needs of War-displaced People; United Nations Inter-Agency Rapid Assessment Mission to Tigray and Afar Regions of Ethiopia 19 – 24 June 1998

ERITREA / ETHIOPIA: Saving face, losing all
Financial Times; June 20, 1998

Economics and Politics Prompted the Fighting
Report from Erde Mattios by Neely Tucker, Knight Ridder News Service... Burnt out tanks... evidence of failed Eritrean attack
June 18, 1998

Leaders Personify Conflict:
Karl Vick (Washington Post) report from Eritrean side of Badime Front
June 17, 1998

It's a Battle of Economics Ethiopians Say
LA Times Report from Mekele
June 16, 1998

The Great African Experiment
Ha'aretz (Israel); June 12, 1998
"Isayas apparently believed that he could start a small, controlled conflagration to distract his people from problems at home and induce the Ethiopians to make economic concessions."

Report From Mekele - New Details on the Barbaric Eritrean Attack on School
Washinton Post, June 8, 1998

Marching for Peace
March 27, 1999

Mussolini in Mekele: The verdict of history
March 24, 1999

Militaristic Nationalism: A Disaster for Eritrea's Economy
March 18, 1999

A Waste of Heroism
March 17, 1999

Intellectual Mercenaries Invade the Horn of Africa
March 17, 1999

OAU Peace Plan Must Be Updated
March 3, 1999

Operation Sunset Delivers the Medicine
Feb 27, 1999

Eritrea - Living Dangerously
Feb 23, 1999

A Commentary on the UN Security Council Resolution
Feb 11, 1999

Fierce Fighting and Worse
Feb 10, 1999

The Obstinancy that Blocks the Road to Peace
Feb 8, 1999

Eritrea - Biting the Hand that Feeds It
Feb 1, 1999

Eritrea - hiding Behind a Vague Map
Commentary; Oct 27, 1998

International Law vs Eritrea's Aggression Against Ethiopia
(By Alemnesh Ghebrehiwot; Oct 2, 1998)

(by M. Wray Witten, JD MPA; August 1998)

Personal Testimony from a Displaced Badime farmer
(Tsegay Biruk Worke; September 3, 1998)

Eritrea - Hiding Behind a Vague Map
(Oct 27; 1998)

Map from 1903 Appears to Prove Ethiopia's Case
(Sep 20; 1998)

Eritrean Government Propaganda Proves to be False
(September 5, 1998)

A Day to Celebrate a Mass Murderer
(September 1, 1998)

Eritrea's Borders
A sensible way to solve the problem
June 13, 1998;

Who has been doing the attacking?
June 13, 1998

A Popular Dictator with an Oversize Army
June 10, 1998

Tough Times Ahead
This War Could Last Six Months or Longer
June 9, 1998

Eritrean Economic and Currency Problems
Underlying Cause of War
June 7, 1998

Report from Mekele:
Many Children Killed by Cowardly Eritrean Attack

Commentary Attached
June 5, 1998