Editorials from the International Press Concerning the Conflict Between Eritrea and Ethiopia

Chicago Tribune, June 15: Christopher Clapham, a Horn of Africa expert at the University of Lancaster in Britain, said Ethiopian President Meles Zenawi has been stoking anti-Eritrea emotions in his country. Yet Clapham said responsibility for the hostilities clearly rests with Eritrea, a highly militarized society with tense relations with all its neighbors and prone to use force.

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Jerusalem Post:
Eritrea - "Unreasonable Belligerence"

La Stampa, Turin, Italy:  
"What is really striking in this conflict is the ... aggressiveness shown by Eritrea"

Boston Globe:
"...the next move is up to Eritrea. It needs to withdraw from disputed territory, encourage an international tribunal to determine boundaries, and work on repairing economic relations with Ethiopia."

Addis Tribune:
"It baffles the world why the Eritrean authorities commit such attacks against innocent civilians."

Resolution on The Eritrean/Ethiopian Conflict - African Union of Parliaments
(Issued by the 35th Session of the Executive Committee and the 21st Conference of the Union of African Parliaments; Niamey, Niger, 18th-20th August, 1998.)

Financial Times, UK :  
"the young government in Asmara... is showing signs of suffering from "small man" syndrome... A succession of frontier disputes have alternated with virulent attacks on the OAU and UN... The price of such belligerence comes high."

Christian Science Monitor
"What emerges from interviews with diplomats and analysts in both capitals are the outlines of a conflict engineered by Eritrea largely for economic reasons."