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Onalee Crocker is a porcelain artist, or china painter, who specializes in portraits and cherubs. The owner of Onalee's Studio, she sells painted china and does custom painting.She is the author of a book, Cherubs and Cupids on China.

One of her favorite china painting schools is the Southwest Porcelain Artist Pow Wow.

Would you like to contact Southwest Porcelain Artist? Here is their link. SW Porcelain Artist

Onalee no longer travels to teach; however, she does custom painting. The next two photos are thumbnails of a recent commission.

All pictures are thumbnail. Please click on them for a full-size image. Pictures Copyright 1998-2002 Onalee Crocker. All files have been modified for fast loading.

Front side of teaset

The portraits are painted on porcelain and then fired in a kiln. She repeats the process several times until the proper depth and detail are achieved. The next photo is a thumbnail for the back side of the pot.

Backside of teapot

This painting is typical of Onalee's work. It shows a group of cherubs painted in her distinctive style. Her portraits have a depth that is difficult to portray on the web.

painting of a young girl with a horse

This painting shows a young girl with a horse. This painting is typical of Onalee's work.

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paintings on a vase

Onalee may paint your cherished picture on porcelain. This is an example of one of her projects.

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