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Hi, my name is Mark Sikes and I have been an officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office since 1988. Over the years I have had the opprotunity of being assigned to several different job tasks. For two years, I served as a Correctional officer for the department. Then late in 1990 I was accepted to attend the Police Academy. After a successful completetion, I went to the streets as a Patrol officer riding an area located in the southern half of Duval County.

After some time on the streets I was chosen to become a member of the CPR Team ( Criminal Problem and Response ) . This team was composed of a Sergeant and six officers. We were responsible for identify criminal activities, developing deployments and pro-active activities to eliminate crime in our assigned area.

Currently I am assigned in an adminstrative position as an Alarm Enforcement Officer. With this duty comes the responsibility of enforcing state and municipal guidelines, revenue collections and maintaining a line of communication between the Sheriff's Office, Alarm Industry, City goverment and the Citizens of Jacksonville.

I became interested in patch collecting about a year ago when I found my first patch collector link on the web. Since that time I have been able to expand my collection greatly. Currently I am intersted in collecting those departments from Canada, Australia, Europe and other foreign countries. I'm especially looking for Aboriginal patches from "Down Under". But never let it be said that I turned down any trade. I will gladly trade with any other law enforcement officer.

To arrange a trade or if you have comments about my web page please
email me
This site is not an offical Jacksonville Sheriff's Office homepage. This is a personal Home Page for Officer Mark D. Sikes and his patch collecting hobby. Any remarks are those of Mark Sikes and not the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.
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