Hi, my name is BP TEO.


I presume you came upon this website because you were looking for Feng Shui or Geomancy studies. THIS IS A 100% FREE SITE.

I have been around Geocities for a while now. This current page is intended to be plain, so that if Geomancy is not what you are looking for, you would know it instantly.
However, if you should be interested in Geomancy or also known as Feng Shui, you've hit the right website.

Just click on this link -->  THE WORLD OF GEOMANCY or FENG SHUI.

Feel free to email me at boonpinteo@technologist.com, if you have any questions on this topic. Many people have written to me asking about this ancient and mystical science. I have always replied them and I am sure I will do just the same if you write me.

And do drop by again, anytime.