Some of our Satin Stock

We feel extremely fortunate to have shown some  Siamese winners in National Competition in the last few years including:

1997 Madison, WI ARBA Convention, 3rd & 9th place 6/8 doe (21)
1999 Louisville KY, ARBA Convention, 1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th place, 6/8 doe (25)
& 1st place, Jr. doe. (34)
2000 Janesville WI, NASS, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th,& 7th place Jr. buck. (28)
& 3rd place Jr. Doe (43)
2000 Columbus OH, ARBA Convention, BOV Siamese. (112)
2002 Sedalia MO, NASS, BOV & BOSV Siamese. (137)
2002 Peoria IL, ARBA Convention, BOV Siamese.  (92)
Statz's  Chief, kindled 9/23/00, another son of Denny,
Statz's Nate, kindled 6/21/00, wt. 9 lb.  Son of Denny. 
Weih's Denny, kindled 11/15/99, 9 lb 8 oz..  One of our few purchased bucks. He carries our line.  Denny has sired some really exceptional offspring.
Statz's Smudge, kindled 11/5/99.
Wt. 9 lb 4 oz.
Reg. and Gr. Ch. 
2nd place Jr. Buck at NASS 4/00.  We are seeing nice offspring from him
Stella was kindled 5/13/00.  She was BOV Siamese at the 2000 ARBA Convention in Columbus Ohio. 
Richison's Pepper was kindled 4/15/97, wt. 9 lb.  A real foundation sire.  He  sired alot of good ones and he shows up in the pedigree of most of our Siamese Satins
Sedalia, MO April 2002
BOV Doe EV713 in back
BOSV Buck EV723 in front