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9Kingdoms is Rated R due to descriptive violence, adult language and graphic situations that may arise in a fantasy chat environment.  EverNight and it's staff are in no way responsable for the content viewed while gaming.  Parents/Legal Guardians are encouraged and expected to monitor their childrens use of this online RPG.

By creating a character for use in this RPG, the player understands that 9kingdoms, its staff, and affiliates may use any information submitted by any player for use as they see fit, including promotional or advertising purposes.  By registering, the user also agrees that they have read and will  follow the terms of use and rules as listed on this site at all times while logged into either chat or the forums.  Joining does not create a service contract of use between 9kingdoms and the user, and both the user or the 9kingdoms staff may cut off personal access at any time, with or without notice.  9kingdoms reserves the right to deny service to any user, with or without cause, as they see fit.

9kingdoms Founded by Derek Cromwell and Mick Blevin. Copyright 2003-2004 Derek Cromwell and Mick Blevin.  All mechanics, realm information and general content are Copyright 2003-2004 9kingdoms. Graphics on this site belong to their respective owners.  If you find art on this site belonging to you, and wish to have it removed, please contact the webmaster