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44th Regiment  (Essex) of Foot
Detail from an Indenture dated 31st July, 1899 showing part of the Land being leased from Edward Cook & Co. Ltd. by Massey Harris Co. Ltd. of Toronto, Canada,  at Rowatts Wharf , Bromley by Bow.
The following names are extracted from Deeds, Affidavits etc connected with the land known as Rowatts Wharf, Bromley by Bow. It covers the area that was the British gas site. The documents had been prepared for at least two court cases regarding ownership and give a history of owners, leassees over a period from the late 1700's to the turn of the 1900's. In some cases a history of the family named is set out, for some, birth and death dates are given, also some addresses. Some of the people named signed the various doccuments.

I found the documents for sale in a second hand book shop in Surrey and was able to purchase many of them and keep them together.

KEY to indexes:- Surname, First name, date of document, date refered to in brackets [ ] address if given.  The numbers in small print are my own reference numbers.
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